2020–2021 Forms

Superintendents will need to designate an LEA ELPAC coordinator by April 1, 2020. The superintendent LEA ELPAC coordinator designation form is within TOMS. More information and written instructions can be found in the Action Needed—Designate an LEA ELPAC coordinator for the 2020-2021 ELPAC Administration email. The following video demonstrates how Superintendents can designate an LEA coordinator in TOMS:

2019–2020 Forms

Beginning with the 2019–20 ELPAC administration, the process to complete and submit the ELPAC Test Security Affidavit for users with roles that do not require access to TOMS is online and must be completed using the following link:

Users with roles that require access to TOMS and the test delivery system must be assigned access before logging on and signing security affidavits in TOMS.

General Forms

Download the ELPAC School Group List.

Download the ELPAC Testing Irregularity and Security Breach Report Form.

Download the ELPAC Score Request Form.

2019–20 CAASPP and Summative ELPAC Special Request for Paper Exams

Please visit the 2019–20 CAASPP and Summative ELPAC Special Request for Paper Exams external icon web form to request CAASPP and Summative ELPAC braille, large-print, or paper-pencil assessments for students with an IEP or Section 504 plan.