ELPAC Fee-Based Services

Summative ELPAC Excess Materials Orders

At the end of each testing year, Educational Testing Service (ETS) will invoice local educational agencies (LEAs) for excess materials ordered during Round 1 or Round 2 and for any supplemental orders. The excess materials are calculated by determining the difference between the sum of the number of tests scored and 90 percent of the tests ordered by the LEA. An LEA is responsible for using, and returning for scoring, 90 percent of the Answer Books ordered, including braille and large print, excluding the overage included in the shipment. LEAs will also be invoiced for any additional Examiner’s Manuals ordered during the Supplemental Ordering Window.

Description of ServicePrice per UnitUnit Description
Excess Answer Books (K–2) $4.39 Per excess Answer Book
Excess Answer Books (Grades 3–12) $2.01 Per excess Answer Book
Excess Braille Packages (K–12) $322.78 Per excess Answer Book
Additional Examiner’s Manuals $4.55 Per excess Answer Book

Rescoring Student Responses

An LEA may request the rescoring of a student’s Answer Book for the Summative ELPAC. There are four domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The LEA can only request the entire test (all domains) to be rescored. For the Speaking domain, ETS will verify what was marked on the Answer Book by the test examiner.

Description of ServicePrice per UnitUnit Description
Rescoring $132.59 Per Answer Book

Paper Student Score Reports (SSRs)

Summative ELPAC paper Student Score Reports (SSRs) can be purchased from ETS and distributed to parents or guardians using a distribution method determined locally. SSRs will cost $1.48 per set of paper SSRs. A set includes two copies of the paper SSR, either two in English, or one in English and one in the student’s primary language if that language is Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional), or Filipino. This cost includes the printing of the parent or guardian address.

Description of ServicePrice per UnitUnit Description
Paper SSRs $1.48 Per SSR set

Paper SSRs Folded and Inserted into an Envelope

Two copies of the paper SSR are included in a set as described previously. These copies are inserted into an unsealed envelope for the LEA’s convenience. Postage is not included with this service.

Description of ServicePrice per UnitUnit Description
Paper SSRs in envelope $2.00 Per SSR set

Data Correction

This charge applies when an LEA contacts CalTAC after determining that student information is incorrect in data files, score reports, or both. It is important to note that a student’s grade or grade span cannot be changed after the scores have been reported.

Description of ServicePrice per UnitUnit Description
Data correction of score reports Call CalTAC

Miscellaneous and Special Handling

Description of ServicePrice per UnitUnit Description
White and brown cartons for returning test materials $2.49 Per single carton
Expedited shipping requests: Expedited shipping is only available for supplemental orders, Pre-ID label reprints, and SSR Price on request; call CalTAC.

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