ELPAC Coordinator Emails

Please note that this archive is not comprehensive. These archives do not include messages that were sent to only a small subset of local educational agencies (LEAs) and reminder emails are generally not included.

Monthly Updates

ELPAC Monthly Update Emails
Date SentSubject
10/31/18 ELPAC November Monthly Update
10/01/18 ELPAC October Monthly Update
09/10/18 ELPAC September Monthly Update
08/03/18 ELPAC August Monthly Update
07/02/18 ELPAC July Monthly Update
06/06/18 ELPAC June Monthly Update
05/01/18 ELPAC May Monthly Update
04/05/18 ELPAC April Monthly Update
03/01/18 ELPAC March Monthly Update
01/31/18 ELPAC February Monthly Update
01/10/18 ELPAC January Monthly Update
12/01/17 ELPAC December Monthly Update
11/01/17 ELPAC November Monthly Update
10/05/17 ELPAC October Monthly Update

Other Communications

ELPAC Other Communications
Date SentSubject
12/27/18 Scheduled Systems Downtime Reminder Email
12/13/18 Summative ELPAC Materials Order Reminder Email
12/07/18 2019 Summative ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training Registration
11/30/18 Summative ELPAC Round 2 Material Orders
11/16/18 CAASPP and ELPAC--Assistance for LEAs Affected by the Wildfires and Hazardous Air Quality
10/18/18 Reminder--Initial ELPAC Material Orders
10/17/18 Closing Soon! LEA ELPAC Coordinator Survey
10/10/18 Initial ELPAC RSVP Reminder--Returning Answer Books
10/10/18 2019 Summative ELPAC Moodle Training Site Resources--Reminder Online Training Site Opening
10/11/18 2019 Summative ELPAC Moodle Training Site Resources--Enrollment Keys and Online Resources
10/10/18 ELPAC--Input Needed! ELPAC Coordinator Survey Opens Today!
9/19/18 ELPAC--IMPORTANT: Initial ELPAC Administration During CALPADS Downtime
9/18/18 ELPAC--Summative Training Resources on Moodle
9/04/18 ELPAC Post-Test Live Webcast on September 11, 2018
9/04/18 Reminder--Initial ELPAC Material Orders
9/04/18 TOMS is Back Online
8/23/18 ELPAC RSVP for Initial ELPAC Reminder Email
8/15/18 ELPAC Reminder—Registration for Administration and Scoring Trainings
8/15/18 Registration for Administration and Scoring Training
8/14/18 ELPAC TOMS Scheduled System Downtime and User Logon Updates
8/13/18 ELPAC—Summative ELPAC Missing Test Materials
07/26/18 ELPAC—Registration for the 2019 Summative ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings
07/26/18 ELPAC—New Videos for Parents
07/12/18 ELPAC TOMS is Back Online
07/05/18 ELPAC—LST Webcast Archive Available
06/15/18 Summative ELPAC Student Score Data File
06/15/18 New User Roles and User Transition for 2018–19
05/30/18 Summative ELPAC Post-Administration Test Materials Return
05/15/18 Matrix 4 and- Checking the Alternate Assessment Bubble
05/10/18 Administration and Scoring Training Dates and Locations for the 2019 Summative ELPAC
05/10/18 Initial ELPAC Local Scoring Tool Webcast
05/10/18 Rotating Score Validation Process for the Initial ELPAC
04/23/18 Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Makeup Training Dates and Locations
04/13/18 ELPAC 2018–19 Edition Initial Assessment Administration and Scoring Training Moodle Keys
03/21/18 Required Forms for 2018–19 Initial and Summative ELPAC Administration
03/16/18 Summative ELPAC Post-Administration Test Material Return
03/12/18 ELPAC Summative ELPAC Braille Book Examiner's Manual Format Mistype
03/01/18 ELPAC Pre-ID Label Print Issue Identified
02/20/18 Spring 2018 Summative Assessment: Revised Estimated Testing Times
01/31/18 ELPAC 2018–19 Initial Assessment Administration and Scoring Training Registration Information Link
01/12/18 ELPAC Communications Update
01/11/18 ELPAC 2018–19 Initial Assessment Administration and Scoring Training Registration Information
12/15/17 ELPAC Communications Update
11/01/17 ELPAC Material Orders Update November
10/26/17 ELPAC 2017–18 Edition Moodle Training Site Resources
10/19/17 Initial Assessment Administration and Scoring Training Dates Locations
10/09/17 Initial Assessment Field Test Materials
09/18/17 Final Week of ELPAC Initial Assessment Field Testing (Revised)
08/21/17 Initial Assessment Field Test Technology Reminder
08/15/17 New California Assessment System Password Process

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