Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings

The English Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) Initial ELPAC testing window is July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. To prepare for this test administration, there will be 16 Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings held statewide. Ten trainings will be focused on kindergarten through grade twelve, and six trainings will be focused on grades six through twelve. These trainings are scheduled April 15 through May 21, 2019, with make-up trainings scheduled in August 2019.

Attendance at Statewide Trainings

Each local educational agency (LEA) has been allocated one seat to attend the Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings. This is a mandatory training for each LEA that will be administering the Initial ELPAC. Representatives from all LEAs, including those trained for the Summative ELPAC administration in the fall of 2018, must also attend one of the trainings.

All LEA and county staff who intend to provide a regional training must also attend this training before conducting their own. The trainings will follow a "training-of-trainers" model, designed so that attendees can provide in-person training to their own LEA.

The training will run from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This training series will focus primarily on the local scoring of the Initial ELPAC Speaking and Writing domains.

Training Locations

The California Department of Education–sponsored statewide trainings will take place from April 15 through May 21, 2019. Make-up trainings will be held in August 2019. The tentative schedule is shown below.

Trainings are scheduled for the following dates and locations:
Apr. 15 Mon. Sacramento (kindergarten and grades 1–12) - FULL
Apr. 17 Wed. Montebello (kindergarten and grades 1–12)
Apr. 18 Thurs. Montebello (grades 6–12)
Apr. 23 Tues San Jose (kindergarten and grades 1–12)
Apr. 24 Wed. San Jose (grades 6–12)
Apr. 25 Thurs. Bakersfield (kindergarten and grades 1–12) - FULL
Apr. 30 Tues. Madera (kindergarten and grades 1–12)
May 1 Wed. Madera (grades 6–12)
May 2 Thurs. Sacramento (grades 6–12)
May 7 Tues. San Diego (kindergarten and grades 1–12) - FULL
May 8 Wed. National City (grades 6–12)
May 9 Thurs. Long Beach (kindergarten and grades 1–12) - FULL
May 14 Tues. Rancho Cucamonga (kindergarten and grades 1–12)
May 15 Wed. Rancho Cucamonga (grades 6–12)
May 20 Mon. Santa Rosa (kindergarten and grades 1–12)
May 21 Tues. Concord (kindergarten and grades 1–12)

Training Overview

The Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings will provide an overview of the test administration. A majority of the training day will be spent on the administration and scoring of the Speaking and Writing domains.


Registration will open on Monday, February 4, 2019. In January, LEA ELPAC coordinators will receive an email containing registration information for their LEA. Please note that each LEA will only have one seat; therefore, only the LEA ELPAC coordinator will be allowed to register a participant for training.

Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis, until each training site is full. LEAs may register additional staff to be placed on a waiting list. Wait-listed participants will be notified approximately one week before each training.

Regional Workshops

Please note that all ELPAC Test Examiners are required to be trained to administer the Initial ELPAC. To accommodate your LEA’s training needs, many regional workshops around the state will be available. As each becomes available, the regional workshops will be posted on the ELPAC web site on the Initial Assessment Regional Training List web page.